Working with Kirby CMS

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Local testing with Laragon (Windows)

Install Laragon.

Update PHP and Apache:

If any plugins uses SQLite PDO (ex. Retour) or SQLite 3 (ex. SimpleStats), you will need to edit php.ini to enable them


If your install of Laragon comes with MySQL you can turn it off in preference since you don't need it.

Backup options

  1. backup-to-zip functionality from the Janitor plugin
  2. rsync over SSH
  3. Sync using (S)FTP client

Right now I'm using option 3 with WinSCP with great success, I especially appreciate being able to preview changes so I don't accidentally do something catastrophic.

I have been a Filezilla user for a long time, unfortunately only the Pro version has the file synchronization feature.

I also have my local dev copy in my Dropbox folder so everything's automatically backed up in 3 places - my local folder, Dropbox, and the webhost.

I realize that eventually the size of my site might grow to a point where rsync would be the preferred option, but I'll worry about it when the time comes.