Thoughts on digital legacy

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What is your digital legacy?

It's your digital footprint after you're gone.

Storage is cheaper than ever, cameras continuously increases their megapixels and videos have grown from HD into 4K. People are amassing ever more digital media of their life, however our attention span remain the same.

Do you look at even a fraction of your old photos and videos? Do you expect your friends and family to?

Even if they care, does anyone want to sort through hundreds of gigabytes, even terabytes of photos and videos?

What will eventually happen, is that someone will eventually be fed up and press delete on your pile of unorganized and bloated digital baggage, or even more likely, all of this lives online somewhere in a storage service and someone stops paying for the account and it all just... expires. Like you did.

All of the time, effort, money put into electronics to record all of this and store them will all be gone.

What's the point? Why bother?

That comes back to the entire point of leaving something behind - to have something to remember you by, to leave some value for the people who comes after.

But there is no value in a digital hoarder's house unless you are extremely selective in order to curate, condense, and organize them.

This is another reason why I want to create a PHP based flat file website - all the data are easily accessible as they are just markdown files, in addition there is a high chance that you can easily fire it up 50 years later and to have it just work.