Site now powered by Kirby CMS

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By this point I've went through... I dunno, 20 redesigns?

There are countless more redesign attempts which never saw the light of day.

This latest redesign is motivated by architectural change back to a dynamic site.

The reason for switching back to dynamic site is due to ease of creating new content, and the reason I chose Kirby CMS is because of its ergonomics, tiny footprint, lack of dependencies, flat file content storage and stability of the company.

Too often I've lost control of my site due to bloated, hard-to-modify backend (Wordpress), or the open source project died (PivotX). This is why this time I chose a stable, ergonomic source-visible commercial CMS that is affordable.

I plan to slowly migrate my older content back in as part of the archives, and using this site as the definitive copy of all of my digital history.

I have too many duplicate copies of old files that I need to sort through, and by using this site as the "truth" I hope to finally clean up my digital life.

What does it mean? It means this site won't be too pretty for a while, but every effort I put in won't be wasted, which is a huge relief.

Expect more updates more often.