Keeping up with CSS bugs via

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So apparently provides a comprehensive look at the status of known bugs complete with automated tests so I don't have to manually check them.

In addition it's a lot more detailed and nuanced than I could have done myself.

I discovered it in this bug I submitted for Safari, in which someone mentions that the bug is fixed.

Well, it's fixed in the technology preview release, so not fixed in production. But at least now I know the official fix will be coming soon (update: fixed in Safari 16.4).

In another example, I thought the "CSS Keyword in Custom Property Fallback" bug was resolved, and when I checked it showed me that it's still broken for Firefox and Safari if you try to apply the keyword to another custom property.

Thankfully for my purposes (creating a CSS framework) I'm not relying on this edge case, but in case I ever need to I will know that this bug exists.

Showing this level of detail makes my development a lot easier as I know exactly what's not working, which browser is the culprit, and when the issue is fixed without having to manually test every preview and nightly release.

Such a useful site to have.